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to economisss. 3 and we're tracking morr breaking news out of washington. secreeary of hossitalized with a blooodccoo - suffered earlier this month. mrs. clinton had a severe stomachhflu that doctors saay her heed.. there's no wood - where it is located. we'll kkep tracking her condition and bring you he latest as it developp. police are askiig for yyur help to catch the people in the past 24 hoors.te shootin& hours.. tte latest was a pt the intersectton of head reisterrtown road and bryant avenue. we wwre on the scene as homicide ddtectives arrived &pjust after :30 this evening. they found a mannshot several times in the head. the investigation baaked up traffic s detectives looked for clues. police haven't released any information n phe suspect.... or the a man was shoo in thee just after idnight this more morning and he'ssexpected to cordeeia avenue. police think the mmtive was an argument between the victim and the shooter.... just momenns beeorr he pulled ouu his gun. with information to call police. found the 15 year old shot - mmles suspects tonight.
on dunkin'. driving...but in olloado and washington their now drumming high. ssnce pot has become legal for recreational use in both states....washington is iiposing a strict limit on the amount offpoo drivers can have pn their system. one study showed that within 3 hours of smoking drivers are twice as likely to cause a crash. so in washiigton the limmt is 5- nanograms per blood saapll. but expertt say hey still don't know how much pot actually causes impairment. pbecauss we are early on in the reseaach phase it is veryy difficult to tell if that 5 nnnogram level will change, -s haae evolveddover theeyearss" //butt to//"for anyone to say 2 hits or dosages would get me to 5 nanogramm - it is nearly impossible to make that determi" determination." colorado has already defeaaed the 5 nanogram known to stay innthe bodd for thh impairment limit. we hope santa is tech savvy...because now... people are ditching the pen and paper...and sending tteir wish digitally!sites like amazon, wishpot and tall wish are letting people post their gift ideas on social networks, friends
uts are & set to trigger after januaryy first. in washington, i'm karin caifa. 3 house and senate meebbrss headed ome with plans to return to the capitol on thursday, december 27 if 3 theepresident selects áhis choiceá for the country's - new top forrign diplomat. diplommt.mister obama ... saying massachusetts senator jjon kerry is aareaay &prespected around the world... and his entire life has 3 you'll presidential nominee in 2004 3 obama says: "i also hhve to say thanks because john invited a young illinois state senator to address the -3&pdemocratic convention ii boston.é boston.ékerry diddnot speak at & ttday's announcementthe 3 without the presence of & current secretary hillary -3 clinton who is at home ... recuperating from a concussion she ustained whennshe fainted. &p3 3 three people are charred with murder toniggt affer & investigators say they causedd a natural as eepllsion too collect insurance money. money. his was the aftermath oo the november 13th people and iijured 12 others. -3 33 homes were leeeled i
stephens... hassmore ...on this year's... annual lighting... of the ...washington monument. p3 myranda 49:31 well it's a 3 3 penn16 stephens, fox45 ews at mmunt ernon, myranda stephens, fox45 news at ten 16 as... the... univvrsity of maryland... prepares... to join... the big ten... conference.../ p republican... mcdonough ...wants to make sure... taxpayers... dont foot thh bill. bill."iqq it's a majjrrchanng pnd it was done behinn closed pdors.... oq: not even mennioned at the news onferenc. conference." that penalty is part of a lawssit filed by the atlantic coast conference, whichhwould force the school to pay a 52 mccdnough plans to introduce a billlthat would guarantee taxpayers wont pay for any part of the move. maryland hhs yet to respond to the lawsuit. could be... - a... lot... riding... on... sunday's game... between... the ravens... and the redskins../. howard... county a... - huge ravens fan.../ issued... an... online challenge... to... his... p---g... counterpart.../ rushern... . you....oq: proudly
thh washington. 3 doocy intro: putting police and armed security in schools. is the one thing. thht wiil keep people safe. accooding to national rifle associatton c-e-o wayne lapierre. who arggeddtoday that you pannot legislate orality. because. he says. leggslatioo only works on thee sane. and doosn't stop criminall. forrer republican congressmaa asa huuchinson is leading he n-r-a's effort to convince congress armed guards at american schools arr a good idea . and aid this orring it would be similar to the way the government proteccs air travelers from terrorists. hutchinson ays: "there was intense debate thatton and yet we have a ffderal air to oversee, and which haa provided a deteerent. it has airlines, nd ii's not like -it's an armed camp when yoo ggo & on the airlinees" virginia democratic senator mark warner has an ááaáá rating from the n-r-aa disagreee with their idea.. pnd insttad thinks multiple steps must be taken. to avoid more mass murder. warner says: "if my memory is armed individual a
the houue will retuun to washington tomorrow evening...just ooe day before a deal needs to be reached. 3 another bill held up in congressionnl gridlock could send milk prices to seeen dollars gallln...the to keeping mmik prices reasonable.. theessnaae passed their version but the houue hasn't started debatt onnthe - measure.... withouu a deel a 60 yearrold law will go back 3 prices to soar... 3&p the frantic 9-1-1 calls have been releesed of the -3 moments before a mother and daughter were rescued from a freezingglake in indiana. ------nats of call---------- -- 3 when arrie straight intt a freezinn laaee with her 5-year-old daughter inside. but mattingly knewwjust what to dd. shh managg to get out of the car and pull her dauuhter out of the bacc seat through the rear window. -3 the two hen swam back to shore...just as crewss what startee as a -3 winter joke for one arkansas - grandma has now turned into a tradition. 3 madge peegh (pew) makes now angels in a bathing suit. peug
of thee"national washington d-c today.the n-r-a &pdiddnoo speak with the roup... ....but lawmakers are starting to.supporters of secood ammndment rights say they may &be willing to considerrsome -& restrictiins 3 when my daughters askkd my friday night, 'dad you're in -33 the senntt. why can't we put reasonaale ressrictions on assault weapons, apid fire and ammuniiionnclips?' i dddn't have a good enoughh answer forrthem. thhm.warner also says a new look at meetal ealth issues has to be part f the soluuion 3 ...a new poll by the &pwashingtonnpost shoow that 54 &ppercent favor new limits on gun rights áiingeneralá...43 percent oppooe hat ideaa pdea.banning high-capacity clips---- gets the most support...banning the sale of handgunn ----gets the llast & support 3 among those sppaking out today....baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings blake, but crime and ustice reeorter joy lepolaasays the city's murder & numbers are n the rise againn.. 3 pdespite some of the toughest guns laassin the nation..--3 natton. 3 ((pkg)) over the weekend.... -3 ttis w
theechargerr ravens have lost three in a pittsburgh, washington discouraging than the last..e - offensive coordinator cam cameron was fired, it seems juss about everyone in townhas an opinnon as to whht's rong, and especially who deserves the blame.johh arbaugh sought to put that ll to rest ponday..hh says if you gotta blameesomeone,blame im... 3 &p the defending super bowl kk on - champs, new york giants on sunday right here on fox 45... the purple aad black will clinch thh ivision with a win...remember, the start time ravees only on fox 45...3 what if i told you theeravens could llse this sunnay and still wrap up the afc nortt? we'll goothru the ssenerios, coming up at 11:30aa sports pnlimited continuee.. 3 pnsttgram.... makes an instant . a day after the phhto sharing social network raised big ppivacy concerns.... it's panicked when the company err aanounced it would begiin sellinggyyur pics to advertisers beginning january 16th.....and there was no way to ""pt out".instagram noo says..... it's heard loud and clear from users......nn they payy it's not ur intentio
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8